Anti Slip Coating in Dallas, TX

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Anti Slip Coating in Dallas, TX

Slips are a costly problem in businesses all over the world. An easily preventable slip can cause serious injuries and cost your business thousands in lost wages, workman comp, and litigation. The amount of reported slips in this country has risen by 42% and growing. Fortunately, these accidents can be easily prevented.

With the right precautions, you can drastically reduce the amount of slips and falls in your workplace. One effective method for preventing slips and falls is anti slip coating in Dallas, TX. This is a clear coating that is applied to your floor. Once it dries, it creates a tough surface that increases the amount of traction between your floor and your shoes. It is effective in both indoor and outdoor locations. Anti slip coating in Dallas, TX can even make your floor less slippery when it is wet. If you want to protect your employees from falls without installing a new floor, this is a great solution.

If you are interested in protecting your employees and customers with anti slip coating in Dallas, TX, give Floor Safety Pros a call! We are passionate about helping local businesses stay safe. Upon request we can provide a free safety consultation where we identify potential safety hazards and their solutions. This way, we can determine if anti slip coating in Dallas, TX is right for your business, and what other safety solutions may help. We are driven by quality and never cut corners on the job, which ensures your anti slip coating in Dallas, TX gets installed right.

Floor Safety Pros is the place to call when it comes to safe floors. We offer effective solutions at an affordable price, and would love to come out and install anti slip coating in Dallas, TX in your business. We look forward to making your business safer!